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May 12 Poetry Reading on Trauma and Resilience

If you were unable to make our  poetry reading in recognition of the upcoming tenth anniversary of the genocide, you are now able to stream it here.

And it's not too late to make a Mother's Day donation for the mothers' whose children are still held by ISIS or who themselves remain captive.


The Yuva Organization for Children's Rights encourages academic success for students in a number of primary schools in Duhola and Burak complex.

Children are the hope and the future that Yuva is proud to encourage and protect.

It is critical that we listen to and understand what message these children have for the world.

One way Yuva supports education is by recognizing academic excellence. By supporting excellence, Yuva helps to boost student and teacher morale and engagement alike. This work inspires and motivates the entire educational community.

Those at Yuva further take a holistic approach to education, not only teaching children, but also providing comprehensive programs on such issues as postpartum breastfeeding, malnutrition, illiteracy, family violence, child mental health, first aid, and child marriage. Yuva aims to give every child the opportunity for a better life, and believes that starts with an education but does not end there. Children and adults, especially those who have gone through the communal trauma of the Yazidi, have access to ongoing care not easily found elsewhere.




The study of music is core to Yuva's educational philosophy. It contributes to the development of culture and increases engagement among students, enabling them to create their own music.  

Yuva recently provided a course in music and singing to its students. The course continued for a month as part of the volunteer activities offered by the Yuva Organization for Children's Rights. These activities enabled the students to understand and analyze musical components, characteristics, and different styles in depth. We are proud to have musicians at Yuva enrich the musical creativity of students.



The Yuva Organization for Children's Rights provided a course on electronic extortion and cyber crime. The course lasted for three days and was attended by a group of students in Duhola Complex.

A wide range of cyber extortion related topics were covered during the course. Practical information and advice were provided on how to identify different types of fraud and how to prevent them. Methods for protecting personal data and electronic accounts as well as responding to potential incidents were also discussed.

Interactive teaching methods and presentations were used to facilitate the learning process and promote active participation. The lecturers presented their experiences in the field of cyber security, answered questions from the audience, and provided additional guidance to the participants.

This course is an important step in educating the community, both younger and older students, and others interested in information security and maintaining the integrity of personal data. Organizing such courses aims to enhance community awareness and provide the necessary skills for individuals to combat cyber fraud and protect individuals and institutions.

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