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Yuva was ten years old when her family rushed to evacuate Shingal from approaching ISIS forces. Their family was too large for one automobile, and Yuva was forced to cling to the side as her father attempted to save as many family members as possible. As the troops drew closer, he was forced to accelerate, and Yuva lost her grip on the truck. Her father could either stop and attempt to return, or he could rescue the other family members in the automobile.


That was the last time her family saw her. We remember her, and pray for her, naming our organization in recognition of her family’s tragedy.

Now, the Yuva Organization for Children's Rights continues to implement projects with the support of international organizations.

We are exceedingly grateful to every person and every party who supported and collaborated with us on an idea or participated in the implementation of a project during our humanitarian service journey for the benefit of society and for the benefit of children in particular.

Yuva is one of us, and we miss her dearly. She is one of the thousands who suffered this fate. Yuva represents our cause, and we will continue to fight for the safety, security, and livelihoods of those afflicted by the genocide in her name.

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